• Limited to one hyper-limited and collectible batch production. Once they are gone, it is forever!
  • Titanium Construction With Integrated Aerodynamic Technology With State Of The Art Lines
  • Accented With Titanium Two-tone Grilles And Fender Vector Fins Outfitted On The Mid Beta Flex Temples
  • Modular Monoblock Connections Finished In Two-tone And Ordained With Signature Details And Hidden Rim Lock
  • Custom 4mm Polished And Tumbled Rimstock
  • Hybrid System For Brow Bridge Integration And Signature Bridge Carving Detail Revealing Wind Channels
  • Unique Temple Construction Involves A Multi-platform Titanium Alloy Switch Application With Alternations Of 4A Ti To Beta
  • Bespoke Temple Tips With Iconic Star Lug Nuts Decorated In Two Tone Details
  • Handmade In Japan

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